Ground Lemongrass

Choose between five different sizes.

The 1 oz swing-top bottle makes a beautiful presentation in the kitchen while the 3 oz and 5 oz resealable rice paper bags pack a lot of spice into limited shelf space.

The 20 oz and 40 oz jars are perfect for restaurant, food service use and work well in professional kitchens.   Contact us directly for bulk prices.

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Much like our Kaffir Lime Leaves, our Lemongrass is a Burma Spice specialty product.

Many customers have asked us to carry dried Lemongrass to compliment our other Thai spices.   But as we looked for a good source for flavorful dried Lemongrass, we weren’t able to find anything that satisfied us.   Many times, the dried Lemongrass we found was brown and not very flavorful.

But still the customer request came, so we took the problem into our own hands.   We now grow the Lemongrass ourselves on site, harvest, wash and cut into thick slices that can hold flavor much better.   We dry the slices slowly at very low heat and humidity to preserve the essential oils and as much color as possible.   We believe you’ll agree this results in the best dried Lemongrass available.

Though we recommend using fresh Lemongrass whenever possible, our dried Lemongrass is the best possible substitute when fresh is not an option.


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