Dried Kaffir Lime Leaves

Kaffir Lime Leaves are essential for Thai soups and other southeast Asian dishes.   The vibrant flavor of Kaffir Lime Leaves perks up salad dressings and is used by brewers.

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The leaves of kaffir lime trees are very dark in color and are structured in two parts. The top portion of the leaf is slightly pointed up at its tip and is attached to another leaflet with a broader edge.

Beautiful Kaffir Lime Leaves

Usually grown as a shrub, the plant bears an odd 

looking fruit with rough skin.

One of its common names is “porcupine orange,” even though it fades into a light green hue as it ages.

Kaffir lime leaves from Burma Spice can be ordered either as whole leaves or in the form of kaffir lime powder. Either way, you can enjoy these citrus treats 

as part of a variety of recipes.

Kaffir Lime Leaves Cooking Recipes

Kaffir lime leaves add a zesty taste to many beverages and food recipes, but they are especially prolific in Thai cuisine.

Their flavor profile combines well with basil, cardamom, chiles, cumin, curry leaves, and even seafood products such as fish cakes.

  • Nyonya Chicken Curry with Kaffir Lime Leaves: These lime leaves give any chicken curry a nice tang and a delightful fragrance to boot. The name of this recipe comes from the Nyonya people, who were descendants of the early Chinese immigrants of Malaysia. Nyonya cuisine is essentially a blending of Chinese ingredients with spices from the Malay people.
  • Kaffir Lime Gelato: This timeless dessert receives a touch of lime to join the cream, whisk milk, salt, and yolks that go into a gelato. Feel Kaffir Limes Slicedfree to serve garnished, thinly slicing your kaffir lime leaves.
  • Lime Leaves Tequila: Thinly slice your kaffir lime leaves then place them at the bottom of a bowl. Add key lime, squeeze out the juice, and leave the lime peel in the bowl. Pour the tequila over them (preferably a high-quality tequila) and leave it covered for about 10 days. When it’s ready, serve over ice with agave nectar.

Additional Benefits of Lime Leaves

Beyond their obvious place in the culinary world, kaffir lime leaves also serve many valuable health and wellness purposes.

They can be used to relieve stress, helping to relax the mind after a long day of work. Or, they can be utilized as an antibiotic—just by drinking from water that has been soaking in the leaves.

Kaffir Limes Leaves Shredded

Kaffir leaves are one of the biggest natural sources of vitamin C in the world. Ingesting them can help improve your immune system over the long term.

You can enjoy them for their refreshing scents as well. Simply cut the leaves into tiny pieces, scrubbing them in water, then placing them in a spray bottle will give you a beautiful essence to spray throughout the rooms of your home.

Where Does Burma Spice Source Their Lime Leaves?

Burma Spice sources their leaves from the fertile soils of Thailand. From years of experience providing spices from around the world, we’ve found that Southeast Asia’s year-round humidity produces some of the finest kaffir on the planet.

You will see why our lime leaves consistently appear near the top of Google search results in North America. They make for a delicious add-on to anyone’s favorite dinner dish, while keeping you healthy along the way.

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