I am not an avid coffee drinker, so tea is my go-to drink in  the mornings. To me, tea has endless possibilities when it comes to ingredients. When I started my wonderful position at Burma Spice I was immersed in an education on which Herbs can be used for tea. We all generally know about the teas that you can purchase at the local grocery store, but loose teas are more potent & higher in quality. Loose tea leaves are able to get the full maximum amount of aroma, flavor, and antioxidants. Here are some options that will get your kettle going.



Wood Betony



If you want to go the decaf route this herb is the one for you. Known for having a long history as a medicinal Herb, Wood Betony was used in the past to treat head related disorders. Headaches, migraines, and surprise, hangovers. Cover a teaspoon of dried Wood Betony with boiling water,  let it steep for five to ten minutes before straining the herbs. It has the same taste as regular Black tea, but without the caffeine. Herbalist says this specific cooled tea gargled can help inflamed gums and sore throats.



Hawthorne Berries




Not only will this warm your heart, but it can help it too. High cholesterol, congestive heart failure, Hawthorn Berries can do a limitless amount of good for your health. Maybe you have heard of them being used for more of a culinary sense, but they work for teas too. It takes twenty minutes for it to curate and you only need two tablespoons. Pair with Neem leaf, red clover, or motherwort for multiple health benefits.





Neem Leaf




In India, this herb has antifungal, anti-cancer, and antioxidant properties. Every part of the Neem tree is usable, but for a tea concoction dried leaves are best.  However, it’s recommended that women trying to conceive or who are lactating should stray from this particular leaf. Steep three to five leaves for a maximum of twenty minutes for the stronger tea effect. This tea does have a bitter taste and you can use of course sweetener to bring it to your liking. If you enjoy the bitter taste then sip, relax and enjoy!








What are you waiting for? Get sipping on a healthy drink for your New Years resolution. Trust us, your body will thank you.





  Ashleen Cafarelli

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