Thinking of a menu for Easter brunch can be tricky, you want to keep it traditional but contemporary and with a gourmet feeling at the same time. If you’re going to impress your guests, stop stressing about it and follow our lead with these recipes that keep the essence of traditional Easter dishes but with a new and hip twist.

Although each country has its own foodways, having a big meal with your family is an Easter tradition that has remained for centuries in Christian homes all over the world. Sharing food with your loved ones has always been a ritual of celebration and appreciation; historically, pagan societies gathered together to celebrate the equinox, the beginning of spring, further after with the conversion of pagan and Jewish people into Christianity, the tradition gained a new meaning, signifying it as the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. Curious? Learn 5 more amazing facts about Easter traditions here.

Baked avocado boats with eggs and bacon

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Avocado Boats with Bacon and eggs | Recipe


Avocado, bacon, egg… what could go wrong? This easy recipe is going to leave your diners all cozy, happy and satisfied. Even if you are not an expert cook, this one is so simple you won’t be able to ruin it; and if you think deviled eggs are a cliché, this is the perfect replacement!

To finish it up sprinkle your beautiful avocados with paprika, it will give them a subtle edge.  Did you know all our paprika peppers are grown in Spain? This means that the sweet Spanish paprika you purchase from Burma Spice is authentic and true to traditional Spanish paprika. You will taste the difference after you add Burma Spice Sweet Spanish Paprika to your meals!

Israeli Shakshuka

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Get Middle Eastern Levantine Israeli cuisine recipe from Burma Spice.

Shakshuka is not only a fun word to say 10 times fast, but it’s also one of Israel’s favorite foods. What looks like breakfast food to Americans turns out to be an anytime food in Israeli households. Made with fresh tomatoes, a variety of red spices and poached eggs, this spicy, tangy, delightfully quick and easy recipe is likely to become a favorite meal in your house too.

Grilled Apricots with Burrata, prosciutto, and Arugula

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Grilled apricots recipe

This sweet, savory, tangy dish is the ideal spring and summer dish. Its lightness and freshness make it perfect for a main dish or a light meal or could it also be the great component of a gourmet brunch.

Roasted Carrots with Dukkah

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Roasted carrots with dukkah is a wonderful variation on roasted veggies. Dukkah is an aromatic and hearty spice and nut mix that Egyptians consider a side dish all on its own. Traditionally eaten with raw vegetables like tomatoes (yum!), or with flatbread, dukkah is an accompaniment so versatile, it can be used over the top of meats, sprinkled over salads, or used spooned over the tops of cooked veggies, like these tasty roasted carrots with just a bit of lemon tang added for zest and sweetness.

Hot cross buns

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Hot cross Buns

Legend has it, that if you hang a hot cross bun in your kitchen on Good Friday, the bread will remain fresh throughout the entire year. Learn more about the history of this particular dish in our Easter blog special.

Spicy Dark Chocolate Paprika Bark

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Spicy Chocolate Aleppo Pepper Bark

This delicious preparation showcases the smokiness of the Aleppo pepper and sweet paprika that pairs perfectly with the nutty notes and bitter tones in the dark chocolate.

And what is brunch without a little booze? These spring spicy and herbal cocktails are so good you wouldn’t want to drink anything else.

Spicy Tequila Honey Mule

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Spiced honey mule | Cocktail recipe



You might’ve heard of the Moscow Mule, but this drink is so much more.  The Snappy ginger beer balances out the sweet notes from the honey and tequila, while zesty lime adds a refreshing layer and the cayenne a little heat.




Dusk tea Cocktail

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Vodka, orange, and cinnamon the perfect combination for a brunch cocktail!

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