March 17th is just around the corner. The festivity that first started as the commemoration of the death of the patron Saint of Ireland has evolved in a celebration of Irish culture, with music, dancing, drinking parades, and special foods. In preparation for this colorful and cheerful festivity, we have gathered 4 traditional Irish recipes for you to prepare and impress your friends and family with a Saint Patrick’s Day feast.

1. First course: Roasted Lamb Loin with Burma spice Herbs

Nowadays the preparation of lamb is not a drain. This meat is a staple in Irish cuisine, and it reminisces home and family. This lamb pairs perfectly with red wine – Pinot Noir-, so go on and impress your guests with this fantastic gourmet recipe! 

The preparation features our rosemary needles, sage leaves, marjoram leaves, and many other delicious ingredients. This gourmet recipe is pretty easy to follow! Find it here.

2. Side: Lemon-Salt Roasted potatoes

What is an Irish feast without potatoes? This tuber, originally from South America has marked Irish food history. In the 16th century, the vegetable became a staple food of the peasantry in the Island, and many depended on this ingredient; they embedded it in their breakfast, lunch, dinner and even tea. Find the complete list of ingredients and the step-by-step of the preparation here. 

Burma Spice Tip: Intensify and mix the flavors by grinding the sage, rosemary, and thyme into the salt, rather than just stirring it in.

Lemon-Salt Roasted potatoes
 Lemon-Salt Roasted potatoes

Did you know that the first St. Patrick’s Day parade was held in Boston in 1737? The tradition was followed by New York City in 1762, and Since 1962 Chicago has colored its river green to mark the holiday.

3. Dessert: Irish Potato Candy with Ceylon Cinnamon

This delicious dessert, featuring our delicious Ceylon Cinnamon, is a uniquely Philadelphian treat, you can find it in any candy store around mid- March. Irish immigrants start selling it around the 1800s, and it has stayed around until now making its great comeback every Saint Patrick’s Day. Make it on your own and impress your friends!

4. Top it all off with a Traditional Irish Coffee

A good cup of coffee after meals will help with your digestion. Make your traditional cup of joe and take it a little bit over the edge with this delicious recipe of Irish coffee to end a perfect Saint Patrick’s day meal.

Irish Coffe

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