At Burma Spice, our goal is to make quality Spices available to our customers all over the United States. Ed & Sam, founders of the company,  have always found comfort in cooking with their own fresh ingredients. Sam would get his spices from his relatives in India, and Ed would grow his own. Soon enough they started working with local farms, gaining a hearty supply in Spices and Herbs. Fast forward years later and Burma Spice is a thriving company on Amazon with raving reviews. Our Spices and Herbs are dried, hand sorted, freshly ground and uniquely packaged to perfection for all of our customers.








{ Ground Aleppo Pepper }



{ Aji Panca Chile Powder }

Soups• Dry Rubs



{ Kaffir Lime Leaves }

Beverages•Thai Cuisine

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Florida Bound


Burma Spice’s facility is located in the agricultural heartland of South Florida with access to small farms located in a climate where many of the spices can be grown. A vast number of Spices at the local grocery store tend to be a commodity. The estimated time for fresh Spices is no more than six months, making it a challenge for larger companies to receive, store, and ship in a reasonable time. Our locality is our largest advantage that we’ve achieved.



  Ashleen Cafarelli

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